Keep A Healthy Smile

Stains from coffee, wine, and smoke are part of everyday life.  While you won't noticeably stain your teeth with just one espresso, when that exposure happens each day, you could be exposing your teeth 5,000-10,000 times or more in a decade.  These stains are made of up particles, lipids, enzymes, and carbon compounds that are very hard to remove because they penetrate below the surface of the teeth.

Above:  Coffee contains hundreds of different chemical compounds and around 25% of them contribute to tooth stains.

MediWhite™ Professional Tooth Whitening Gels penetrate deep into the tooth enamel to safely and effectively break up these compounds causing them to lose their color and turn either clear or white.  With regular use and daily brushing you can use these products to remove the stains you have and prevent new stains from setting in.