Set of 2 Thermoform Dental Trays

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Use this method for both the upper and bottom trays.

1) Fill a pan with 2" to 3" of water and heat to boiling.

2) Remove the pan from the heat source. Holding the tray by the tab, dip the tray into the water for 8-10 seconds. WARNING: Allow water to cool for a few moments before dipping tray. The tray becomes very flexible at this point and can collapse if water is to hot.

3) Remove the tray from the water. Wait three seconds and insert the tray into your mouth. WARNING: Be Sure the tray is not too hot for your mouth. Test with finger. While gently biting down, suck the air out of the tray until the tray fits tightly around your teeth. Press with tongue, lips and fingers to form tray.

4) Wait 15-30 seconds and remove.

5) Rinse the tray and trim away the tab. For a better fit, you may also trim the upper edges of the tray to more closely match the contour of your gum line (this especially helps for those with smaller mouths)

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2 Reviews

Dora 28th Apr 2017

You guys are great!

I ruined the trays that came with my kit. I guess I'm just not the artistic type. Your consultant sent me a coupon for a free replacement set and then sat with me on the phone while I made them at home. Are you kidding??? Who does that anymore? His name was Tom so please tell him I said Thank You.

Reply: Dora, this is Tom. I remember that afternoon and I really appreciate your patience with the difficult process. You're right, it does take a little artistic ability to get them to come out just right but I'm glad you got it. Tell your friends about us, please.

Tom Loesch III, VP of QC

Reply: Reply: You have to be joking! The same guy I talked with answered me here? You guys should write a customer service book or something!

Reply: Reply: Reply: You are too kind but yes, our staff is a close-knit group so we really enjoy feedback like this. Have a good day, Dora.

Tom Loesch III, VP of QC

Alya 28th Apr 2017

Hard To Use!

I boiled them in water and put them in just the way I am supposed to do but they didn't come out very good. I had to dunk them again and then they were pretty good. Should be easier.

Reply: We appreciate your feedback. Even though these thermoform trays are thicker and better quality than most, they still take a little finesse and care to shape properly, but once you have shaped them, they will last for 1-2 years before needing replacement.

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