22% CP Introductory Tooth Whitening Kit (4 Syringes)

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4 Syringes Unblended, Dental Grade 22% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Bleach (3mL each)

2 Thermal Molded Dental Guards

1 Set of Instructions

Preparing Your Mouth Trays

Use this method for both the upper and bottom trays.
1) Fill a pan with 2" to 3" of water and heat to boiling.
2) Remove the pan from the heat source. Holding the tray by the tab, dip the tray into the water for 8-10 seconds. WARNING: Allow water to cool for a few moments before dipping tray. The tray becomes very flexible at this point and can collapse if water is to hot.
3) Remove the tray from the water. Wait three seconds and insert the tray into your mouth. WARNING: Be Sure the tray is not too hot for your mouth. Test with finger. While gently biting down, suck the air out of the tray until the tray fits tightly around your teeth. Press with tongue, lips and fingers to form tray.
4) Wait 15-30 seconds and remove.
5) Rinse the tray and trim away the tab. For a better fit, you may also trim the upper edges of the tray to more closely match the contour of your gum line (this especially helps for those with smaller mouths)
Please Note: This product is designed to whiten natural teeth and will not affect artificial tooth colored restorations,  porcelain teeth, or veneers. Adult supervision is recommended when used by persons under the age of 18. Please read all instructions prior to using MediWhite Whitening Gel.

If you ruin your mouth trays, don’t panic.  Go to www.mediwhitepro.com where you can purchase the trays separately and try again.

Using MediWhite Gel

Brushing and flossing before use is recommended.

1) Dispense a thin bead of gel (1/8" thick) into your tray along the area that will contact the front surface your teeth.
2) Place the tray into your mouth and seat it by gently pressing the tray into place. Wipe away any excess gel from your gums.
3) Wear the tray for 20-30 mins. Do not eat, drink or smoke while the tray is in place. Every set of teeth is different, and you may notice some sensitivity. Our gel is specially formulated for minimum sensitivity, however any tingling can mean you have used to much gel and the gel is on your gums. Use less gel on your next bleaching.
4) Remove the tray and rinse the gel away with lukewarm water.

It is recommended that you wear your tray no more than 2 hours continuously and no more than 4 hours per day total.

Occasionally your teeth may be more sensitive to hot and cold immediately after removal of the tray, this is a temporary condition. If it occurs, wear the tray only 30 minutes the next time. It is advised you avoid hot or cold beverages or food immediately after tray removal.

Avoid leaving MediWhite Gel in direct sunlight in temperatures above 80 degrees F. This may degrade the active ingredient. Be sure to recap gel dispensers after use.

Clean-Up and Safety:
Keep this product out of reach of children.
If gel contacts clothing, rinse with lukewarm water
Swallowing gel may cause upset stomach. If a child swallows a large amount, consult a physician.

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Ana 28th Apr 2017

Good Value

I know this gel isn't that strong but I still expected to pay more. Thanks for the low price and it works well.

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